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Minimalist Wardrobe Favorites


Ever stood staring, overwhelmed, into a full closet feeling like you have nothing to wear? Pulled on clothes that were ill fitting for who you are today? Looked into a mirror and wondered who this woman is that is staring back at you? Oof, been there.

Then I took a deep dive into all things minimalism and overhauled my wardrobe—it was a life changing, radical act of self love. It transformed the way I felt about myself, set a whole new tone for my day each morning when I got dressed, and supported me in living the life of my dreams. It allowed me to be a “yes” mom. Yes, clothing can be that impactful!

So I created the Minimalist Wardrobe course to walk you through each step of the process of creating your very own personal Minimalist Wardrobe. While that course is about you—your climate, lifestyle, comfort, fit, and style—I do use my wardrobe as an example and these are some of my favorite pieces from my Minimalist Wardrobe. This is not a comprehensive list (that is inside the course), but these are the links for some of my faves that are still available (Y’all asked for them!).

Disclosure: When I recommend a product that I believe will add value for you, it may contain an affiliate link, and when you click the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Bralettes: Aerie Real Free Padded Bralette

Seamless comfort while providing just enough support and shape. My only complaint is that the pads come out in the wash and are not easily reinserted.

Underwear: Gap No-Show Hipster

Feels like I’m naked, completely invisible, perfect in yoga pants and leggings, slips down in everything else.

Period Underwear: Thinx Organic Cotton Briefs

The goddess’s gift to womankind. You can read more about how I made this mama’s period healthier, cheaper, easier, and more eco-friendly here.

Activewear Socks: Bombas Performance Running Ankle Socks

These live up to the hype with comfort and support and stay perfectly in place.

Winter Socks: Darn Tough Hiker Boot Midweight Hiking Socks

Breathable, warm, and moisture wicking without the loosening of others I’ve tried—the best.


Dress: Pact Breezy Cotton Nightie Dress

My favorite . . . of everything . . . for all time. It feels like I’m naked . . . but better (I’ve never had that feeling in clothing before), plus it’s organic and sustainable to an extent that makes me wish they made everything.

Tank/Shorts: Pact Breezy Cotton Sleep Set

I bought the sleep set so I could have the tank tops to wear with warm loungewear pants in the winter but I basically live in them now. They are delicious.



Swimsuit Top: Aerie Ruffle Scoop Bikini Top, strawberry & floral

The perfect top for the active woman with a small chest. Simple and secure yet oh so cute.

Swimsuit Bottom: Aerie Crossover High Waisted Bikini Bottom, black

The perfect bottom for the active woman with a squishy belly.


Thermal Top: REI Midweight Base Layer Crew Top

Thermal Bottom: REI Midweight Base Layer Tights

These thermals give me the warmth I need without the bulk and sweat.

Fleece Top: North Face Campshire Full-Zip Jacket

I bring this sweatshirt with me everywhere and it always keeps me cozy. The full-zip version is discontinued and the sherpa fabric does become matted with ongoing washing but a comparable version is often available places like REI, The North Face, and Patagonia.

Fleece Bottom: REI Teton Fleece Pants

I had to buy these pants for all the members of my family because they would not stop stealing mine. They are like a cloud from heaven.

Rain Jacket: REI Marmot Rain Jacket

Rain Pants: REI Essential Rain Pants

This waterproof outer layer keeps me 100% dry when standing in the pouring rain . . . which I find myself doing rather often. It’s how we can stay out in the forest all day long through puddle jumping and mud sliding.


Tees: Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee

The upper half of my everyday uniform because if its thin, flowy fabric and relaxed cut. The downside is durability as they need to be replaced yearly.


Cold Urban: Vivobarefoot Nepal Boots

These high quality minimalist boots mimic barefoot walking while insulating from the cold and are my go to for everyday city life in the colder months of the year: Hackschool event at a museum or out to dinner with my family. They are so freaking comfortable and look so freaking good while being designed to support the natural health of my feet with things like a toe box shaped like an actual human foot, a heel that’s not higher than the toe, and flexibility that grants my foot it’s full range of motion. They Rock. My. World. This specific style has been discontinued but let these be your gateway into the barefoot revolution.

Warm Urban: Birkenstock Arizona Birkibuc Stone Sandals

I’m a hippy. Of course I wear Birkenstocks. It’s our pass into folk music festivals. I jest but these classic hippie staples are my everyday go-to in the warmer months. You’ll catch me in these taking a kid to a dentist appointment or attending a support group meeting.

Warm Nature: Keen Whisper Sandals

These light-weight, versatile, amphibious hiking sandals cheerily answer the call of adventure. They splash across rivers and scurry over rocks while offering enough support for ache-prone feet. They are also the shoes of choice for my little sailors out on the boats.

Cold Nature: Xero Arctic Snow Boots

and dry without intense discomfort hours (and These barefoot cold weather boots pair perfectly with my wool hiking socks. I have to say, I’ve tried everything from Bogs (heavy and inflexible) to Sorels (very narrow toe box) and this is the first snow boot that keeps my feet warm and dry without intense discomfort hours (and potentially miles) into wear.

Dressy & Professional: Birkenstock Lana Wedges

These black strappy wedges are for gettin’ professional or fancy. I can pair them with jeans, tee, and a blazer to class up the look for a professional event or wear them with my Free People lace dress at a wedding. This specific shoe is discontinued but look to the brands that work really well for you to fill that classy spot.

Activewear: Xero Prio Sneakers

These versatile barefoot running sneakers are good for the street and the trail. I bought them to pair with the clothes in my activewear drawer but I liked them so much that I wear them with my everyday uniform too. 


Sun Hat: Amazon Wide-brim Straw Roll-Up Sun Hat, A-Brown

This hat is surprisingly hearty and gives me the shade and style I want for inactive outdoor play like spectating at my kids’ regatta or strolling through a farmer’s market. If you have ever watched the Instagram videos I make while working on the dock when my kids are at sailing practice, this hat will be all too familiar.

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3025 classic polarized aviator sunglasses, gold/brown, 55 mm

I care not for brand names as status symbols. I’ll pay for high quality and sustainability (like my Pact loungewear or my Vivobarefoot boots) but I will not pay for initials on my purse as a signal of membership in some consumerist class. Sunglasses usually fall in this category, but these are the only glasses I’ve ever worn that didn’t give me headaches (weight on my ears with things like earrings, air pods, or glasses triggers headaches). These glasses are very light weight, offer full coverage UV protection, and give the world a warm tint that makes me feel happy, plus, I dig that top gun style. 

Hip Pack: Fjallraven Medium

This bag is a beast! It looks totally hip while keeping my belongings secure and accessible but my hands free. Even my kindle paper white fits inside.

Dive Deeper

Of course, the core value of the Minimalist Wardrobe course is minimalism. By that I mean, please don’t feel the need to buy every piece linked in this post just because it works well for a very nice woman on the internet. BUT, I do find trusted recommendations very helpful for those times when I am refreshing my wardrobe. If I have a spot to fill (a piece I need) and a trusted source with shared values who I know thoroughly researches and thoughtfully tries everything found a gem, that is helpful! It gives me a place to start. And that is what I hope this post can be for you. These pieces serve me well and if you have a need for one of them, they might serve you well too.

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi, I was hoping to join the minimalist wardrobe class but the links seem to take me back to this blog post…am I missing something?

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