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Programs to get you from stuck and stressed to clear and confident

So much time wasted in school on quadratic equations when what we actually needed to learn was how to human well: how to be in peaceful connection with ourselves and others, how we all learn, grow, and thrive, and how to create the life we yearn for—money, feelings, friendship . . . the stuff that actually matters! And so I created the Sage Family courses for parents just like you who are ready to stop fumbling through the dark and turn on the light. I got all the degrees, read all the books, and helped all the families so you don't have to and offer the same learning in the form of simple yet deep programs that fill in the gaps where your intergenerational inheritance lacked. You did the best you could with what you had but you're about to know better.

The system that fosters independence through a collaborative and sensory approach to home care, self-care, and homeschooling.

Bucket System

Become the gentle parent you long to be, shifting onto a peaceful path where you feel confident and connected. 

Sage Mothering

The course, created for natural homeschooling families, will teach you how to build the like-minded community you long for while exploring your region anew and learning through adventure as a family.

Hackschool Leadership

Simple, personal finance that honors your needs and dreams through money storying, debt freedom, conscious spending, intentional banking, smart investing, and financial independence.

Sage Money

sage Wardrobe

Hackschool Leadership

Sage MOney

Bucket System

Sage mothering

Start experiencing the family life you yearn for and get the full collection of Sage Family courses for one discounted price.

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Clear your closet clutter, build the wardrobe of your dreams, fall in love with yourself, and get dressed each morning with ease.

Sage Wardrobe


"Wow! What a wonderfully practical course you've created, Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom with us all. I have learned so much from the content shared, and I cannot wait to present the idea to my family and get started in a way that suits our needs as a family."

What a wonderfully practical course you've created.

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I work from an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my hilarious husband and three growing sailors in our fixer upper on the beach. I authentically live this healing work out loud raising my own neurodivergent family (inner child included) and draw on my decades of education and experience (I've done all the nerdy work so you don't have to) to guide a revolution of overwhelmed parents just like you to feeling at peace within yourself, consciously connected with your children, embraced by a supportive community, and enjoying a values-aligned life you love.

Gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, & simple living mentor

I'm Rachel Rainbolt

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The Sage Family Village is the like-minded community you crave, complete with organic discussion and support, expert interviews and tutorials, and live monthly group coaching that feels like gathering around a bonfire with your chosen family.

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Asses your financial wellness and get clear on your simple next step toward debt freedom, financial independence, and a values-based life.

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Get 30 hacks that will provide a daily challenge to unlock some easy fun for your family on the natural homeschooling path.

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