Become the parent you want to be and live the family life of your dreams

In Sage Coaching I take frustrated and exhausted parents by the hand and offer another way—parents like you who hear the call of "gentle, natural, simple," but have lost their way in the noise of unmet needs and mainstream advice. You'll heal, learn, and practice, shifting onto a path where you feel at peace, connected as allies with your children, living a meaningful life you love.




"Rachel met me exactly where I was at. With no judgment, she came alongside me as a friend and ally, gently guiding me to a place of deeper connection with my kid, greater self-awareness, and more confidence as a mom. The coaching was life-changing. I see the money spent as the the best investment I've ever made in my family." 

elmien els

ever had the thought . . .

"I'm so lost. My kid's emotions are SO BIG and I keep losing it. I want to be a gentle parent but I can't figure out how to apply it to the hard moments."

"We're so attuned and I'm committed to meeting nighttime needs but is it possible to die of exhaustion?"

"I love the idea of homeschooling. I'm in, but I'm also stuck. I'm fighting with my kid, feeling stressed out, and my mother-in-law says he'll never get into college. Help!"

"I'm so tired of feeling overwhelmed by my home, my calendar, my people, and money. How can I be present when I'm being crushed by my life's clutter?!"

i can help . . .

Whatever season of parenting you are in, the struggle is real. For those of us committed to walking a gentle parenting path that honors our children's natural ways of being, we can feel even more alone.

I know I did when all my colleagues were prescribing control-based time-outs and behavior charts while I was inviting parents to connect, find the true needs, hold space for feelings, and collaborate proactive solutions . . .

When all the books and pediatricians were saying to let babies Cry-It Out while I was inviting tired mothers to co-sleep and night nurse in ways that honored their need for restful sleep too . . .

When schools were trying to pound kids into standardized molds while I was inviting families to embrace each child's natural learning journey within an experience-rich lifestyle . . .

When our consumerism was shouting to buy the way out of overwhelm while I was was helping people feel more free with less . . .

When my fellow therapists were urging clients to fight and outrun feelings like anxiety while I was inviting clients to make friends with them.

But I don't mind the side-eye anymore because what all those well-intentioned mainstream folks now see is that this approach works, especially when the goal is to live a meaningful life in peaceful connection with our people, and to raise children who can do the same. 

areas of focus


homeschooling >


First, we'll establish your family's values and create a plan moving forward based on them.



The home environment has a profound impact on children and their mood and behavior so we'll create a playscape that sets them up for success.



Then we'll build a rhythm for your family to flow through that incorporates everyone's needs.


big feelings

I'll walk you through what is happening within your child when big feelings take over and equip you with simple steps for responding gently and effectively.


challenging behavior

I'll help you discover why your child is unable to meet your expectations and equip you with a proactive and collaborative approach to better support their challenges while honoring their natural way of being.


We'll explore your triggers, establish a practice to expand your emotional mindfulness, and integrate an honoring of your needs into the family culture.



areas of focus


sleep >


We'll begin by setting you up to meet the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state (forms, testing, work samples, enrollment, etc.).



We'll then focus on the home learning environment, including materials, curriculum, and invitations.



Next we'll build in touchstones for a daily through yearly rhythm. 



After that, I'll walk you through micro-adventure planning through collaboration, incorporating socialization.


handling pressure

Then we'll cover handling input and pressure (from others and your own inner critic).


areas of focus


minimalism >


Addressing your expectations for your child and sleep is a critical first step, as your sleep baggage can sabotage your progress.



Next we will cover the "where" of sleep, creatively tailoring the specifics to your unique family's needs and your long-term goals, including safe sleep (reducing the risk of SIDS and your anxiety).



Then we will dive into creating a sleepscape that will foster both connection and independence, taking into account all of the senses.



We'll create a daily through bedtime routine that proactively meets everyone's needs.



Finally, we go over the plan for meeting your little one's awakenings in ways that allow for better sleep for everyone and I'll continue to support you as you implement and we adjust.


If needed (though not at all required), I can support you through a loving process of night weaning your toddler, providing a plan with specifics for your family to facilitate this transition without trauma.



areas of focus


parenting >


First, we'll set your family's values compass to guide the priorities of our collaboration.



We'll adjust the boundaries, communication, and energy flow within your relationships, including parenting.



Then we'll simplify your calendar to balance priority practices with open space.



We'll integrate wellness practices (based on your needs) into the allocation of your time, money, and energy.



We'll explore your money story and I'll walk you through the setup of a simple yet personal financial plan.


I'll provide you with a plan to declutter and organize your home environment step-by-step, based on photos you will email me.




better understand your child's needs

enhance your connection

respond gently and effectively to big feelings and challenging behaviors


simplify your home and life

align your lifestyle with your values

you'll get

for $999

1 month of coaching

4 weekly 45-minute video call sessions

email support


our previous coaching work continues to steer me like the north star

"I just wanted to let you know that our previous coaching work together continues to steer me like the north star when I find myself getting knocked off the path. This past week was an especially difficult one and, in the midst of struggle and deep emotional work, I thought to myself ‘what would Rachel say?’ I heard your voice as though you were sitting across from me, and I’m pretty sure my guess was close to how you would have responded in real life :) You inspire me so much to show up, do the work, be brave in the face of naysayers and boldly protect the values I hold so dear in nurturing my beautiful, messy family."

debbie fear



The Sage Family Village is the like-minded community you crave, complete with ongoing discussion and support and live monthly group coaching that feels like gathering around the central fire.

As a bonus you get your first month of membership in the Village FREE, beginning when your coaching month ends. 

I'm rachel

hey there

The gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor and founder of Sage Family. While I am a hippy at heart, my Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy, decades of experience working with thousands of families, endless nerdy self-study, and personal journey as a mother of 3 assure that this is not woo. A tremendous body of research supports what your intuition is whispering in your ear and the practical steps I offer will get you there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

can both parents participate?

Yes, both parents are welcome though two parents are not required. It's okay to take this time and space for yourself and the work you're ready to do. It can also be beneficial for parents to come together over this work.

can we book a single session?

Coaching is offered in a month long package because that is the necessary amount of time to get shifted onto a new path. After completing a full month of coaching, a strong foundation has been laid, and you are welcome to book single sessions as needed for any new challenges along the journey. 

are we limited to one area of focus?

Parenting, homeschooling, sleep, minimalism . . . anything and everything you need support with is where we will go. 

do you offer a payment plan?

We don't offer a payment plan but you can create one yourself by setting aside the monthly payment you can afford and booking coaching once you reach the full amount. If the investment is currently beyond your reach, I suggest joining the Sage Family Village, where you can get group support at a lower price point.

do you work with neurodiverse families?

Yes. My family is brimming with beautiful neurodiversities and a great many families who do coaching have at least one neurodivergent member, because parenting kids with a high level of need invites a higher level of parenting. 

life changing

"The experience I had with Rachel can only be described as life changing. She really is an oracle. Many of us are questioning the status quo and breaking legacy beliefs, illusional hierarchy and social norms. Rachel seemed to have navigated those rapids and rough currents and come up with beautiful and true answers that not only feel right but fill us with courage and inspiration. Thank you Rachel so much for showing up with so much gracious wisdom and leading the way for a much healthier and joyful way of parenting and living."

vanessa wilson





*for coaching alumni and village members only