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I work from an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my unintentionally hilarious husband and three growing sailors in our fixer upper on the beach.

I take frustrated and exhausted parents by the hand and offer another way—parents like you who hear the call of "gentle, natural, simple," but have lost their way in the noise of unmet needs and mainstream advice. You'll heal, learn, and practice, shifting onto a path where you feel at peace, connected as allies with your children, living a meaningful life you love.

While I am a hippy at heart, my Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy, decades of experience working with thousands of families, endless nerdy self-study, and personal journey as a mother of 3 assure that this is not woo. A tremendous body of research supports what your intuition is whispering in your ear and the practical steps I offer will get you there.

Sage, in addition to being my child’s name, means nature and wisdom, which feels like a perfect brand for this healing work. So pour yourself some tea, take a breath, and let’s begin. 





gentle parenting

is a parenting style that honors needs through the power of mindfulness, connection, and collaboration




or unschooling, is a lifestyle of playful personal growth with trust, freedom, and support.


simple living

or minimalism, is a lifestyle of intention that invites us to hold only what is truly meaningful and let go of the rest.


for the beautiful souls who are brave enough to answer the call of their intuition

We believe in the radical principle that children are human beings, deserving of respect and compassion. 

We believe that we are all capable of nurturing connections of peace and love with ourselves and our children.

We believe that a lifestyle of joy and freedom is available to those who are brave enough to claim it.

We believe that we can make small shifts that will change not only our daily lives, but the trajectory of our entire family tree.  


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melissa lang lytle

"rachel rainbolt is a mama's mama! her voice is a light in the dark. Seriously, small sage family shifts yield huge results."


Marital & Family Therapy (M.A.)
KonMari® Consultant-in-Training
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM)

Marital & Family Therapy (M.A.)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

KonMari® Consultant-in-Training 

Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM)