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The Sage Family Village is the like-minded community you crave, complete with ongoing discussion and support and live monthly group coaching that feels like gathering around the central fire.


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this village makes me feel that i belong

"I see this village as my adopted family. I am literally the only person I know that tries to be a gentler parent. It can feel so isolating and lonely at times, but knowing that I'm a part of this village makes me feel that I 'belong' and that I am not alone. This Village is my saving grace! (for real). I feel so much love here. The thoughtful, emphatic and kind way that everyone responds to posts is so special. Being a part of this community helps me to be brave. It helps me to have the courage to advocate for my kid and to 'swim upstream', knowing that I have you all to support me. This Village is a safe haven for me."

elmien els

Ever had the thought . . .

“I long for a community of like-minded mamas I can share the journey with but Facebook feels like a soul sucking vortex of doom.”

“Hand holding is under-rated. I get it all in theory but I'm stuck on my family's specifics.”

“No one around me gets it. I need to find my people. Is a safe space to share my wins and doubts too much to ask?”

“I am 100% ready to get off the struggle bus and reading words isn't going to do it. Can I just talk to another human . . . please!?"

i get it.

Having the personal guidance of a mentor can make all the difference. I've witnessed time and again how one coaching conversation can get a whole family unstuck and onto a new trajectory. Combine that with a circle of community support and you have a recipe for profound success.

You don't have to do this alone. Come ask your questions, share your successes and struggles, and inspire new friends. We're better together. 

This membership is just what i needed.

"I've been supported by Rachel since 4 weeks into motherhood. My son is almost 6 and I come back to her work time and time again for the gentle, honest, simple, and empowering steps towards living our most intentional and connected lives. This membership is just what I needed and is the perfect complement to her courses and community! Getting to know other like-minded families alongside Rachel's guidance is such a gift."

deena barselah

bonus #1

8 Secrets to a nourishing morning routine

Join the Village and get the morning routine workbook that will proactively hold space for your self-care as a free bonus!


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The sage family village is designed to support anyone who:

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Our gathering space for discussion, questions, conversation, and support



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Bonuses like video podcast episodes and workbooks



Monthly live Q&A group coaching calls with Zoom

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It's fabulous!

"I just joined the membership after being a Patreon supporter for a while, and it's fabulous! The live call was amazing, and I love how interactive it can be. Rachel is such a wealth of knowledge that you just don't come by every day in the parenting world. I've learned so much about my own childhood, how I want to parent, how to handle specific situations, and so much more from her content and resources and my child isn't even two years old yet! She doesn't know it, but she's totally my BFIMH (Best Friend In My Head!)."

rachel iannazzo

bonus #2


Join the Village and gain access to the video interviews of the Sage Family Podcast episodes you love!

I'm rachel

hey there

The gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor and founder of Sage Family. With a master’s degree in marital and family therapy, I have spent decades guiding thousands of overwhelmed families to peace and joy.

I work from the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my 3 wildlings and the papa bear in our fixer-upper on the beach.

comfort and joy

"This community is so gentle and caring and is needed more than ever at the moment. It’s a source of comfort and joy, knowing that I have this wonderful community to go to for advice and support. The first Q+A session was brilliant and bringing us all together virtually made this membership even more valuable. Worth every penny!"

orla thornton

bonus #3

coaching sessions

Sage Coaching is only offered in a full month package . . . unless you are a member of the Village. As a participating member of the Village you gain access to booking single coaching sessions.

“Finally, i found my people and got the help i needed to be the mama i want to be and live the life i want to live!”

— you, next month