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The Sage Family Village is the like-minded community you crave, complete with organic discussion and support, expert interviews and tutorials, and live monthly group coaching that feels like gathering around a bonfire with your chosen family.

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Having the personal guidance of a mentor can make all the difference. I've witnessed time and again how one coaching conversation can get a whole family unstuck and onto a new trajectory. Combine that with a circle of community support and you have a recipe for profound success.

You don't have to do this alone. Come ask your questions, share your successes and struggles, and inspire new friends. We're better together.

I get it.

“I am 100% ready to get off the struggle bus and reading words isn't going to do it. Can I just talk to another human . . . please!?"

“No one around me gets it. I need to find my people. Is a safe space to share my wins and doubts too much to ask?”

“Hand holding is under-rated. I get it all in theory but I'm stuck on my family's specifics.”

“I long for a community of like-minded mamas I can share the journey with, but Facebook feels like a soul sucking vortex of doom.”

Ever had the thought ...


"I've been supported by Rachel since 4 weeks into motherhood. My son is almost 6 and I come back to her work time and time again for the gentle, honest, simple, and empowering steps towards living our most intentional and connected lives. This membership is just what I needed and is the perfect complement to her courses and community! Getting to know other like-minded families alongside Rachel's guidance is such a gift."

This membership is just what I needed.

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Join the Village and get an interactive worksheet that maps your path to living in alignment with your values and intentions. 

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When you join the Sage Family Village, you don't only get access to a community of like-minded individuals (The Village), but you'll also get all of the special treats listed below. We like to call them s'mores!


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- Elmien

"I experience the Village as such a safe and nurturing space. It's a space where I can show up as my true and authentic self. I don't need to "edit" myself in any way. The Village is a place where I am held, supported and encouraged. When I show up here as the perfectly imperfect human that I am, I am always met with kindness and empathy. The Village has played (and continues to play) a significant role in my journey of inner healing. It is the safest space I've ever known (virtually and otherwise). I can honestly say that Rachel Rainbolt and the Village loved me back to life by the way they came alongside me when I needed it most. The beautiful people on here took me by the hand and walked with me on this very messy journey. I'm forever grateful. The Village is also a place where I'm inspired and where I'm encouraged to grow and to evolve into the best possible version of myself. I just love this space! It feels like home."

When I show up here as the perfectly imperfect human that I am, I am always met with kindness and empathy. 

- Nicole

Rachel has been a part of my life for the past three years. I stumbled upon her podcast when COVID first hit us. I began unschooling my kids, and it has been a wild, unexpected, and fulfilling journey. I never knew that peeling these layers around societal expectations would initiate such a tremendous amount of growth in myself. Rachel has been there for me through the Sage Family Village every step of the way. There’s no topic too taboo. There’s no question too silly. There is just support, acceptance, and love in this community. Every parent in the group is here building a community of healing and growth. That is all made possible by the incredible leadership that Rachel possesses and the permission she grants to the rest of us to show up exactly how we are, with compassion, in order to grow and learn from one another and with each other. I love this space, and I will never leave. 

There’s no topic too taboo. There’s no question too silly. There is just support, acceptance, and love in this community.

Real results:

I work from an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my hilarious husband and three growing sailors in our fixer upper on the beach. I authentically live this healing work out loud raising my own neurodivergent family (inner child included) and draw on my decades of education and experience (I've done all the nerdy work so you don't have to) to guide a revolution of overwhelmed parents just like you to feeling at peace within yourself, consciously connected with your children, embraced by a supportive community, and enjoying a values-aligned life you love.

Gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, & simple living mentor

I'm Rachel Rainbolt

Hi friend,

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Find your people and get the help you need to be the mama you want to be and live the life you want to live!

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