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Nurturing holistic maternal healing for collective family well-being.


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I work from a fixer upper on the beach of an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I spend my days cheering my kids’ sailboat races, painting the shiplap my husband installs antique white, reading non-fiction books in the hammock, and eating queso and guac with friends, all while inciting a peaceful motherhood revolution.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (LMFTA) to aspiring gentle mothers and their loved ones in Washington state.

I'm Rachel Rainbolt


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I come alongside folks struggling with these or other conditions of being human in this world. I embrace these brave souls in a warm therapeutic space of becoming, tending the roots of suffering, planting for peace, freedom, connection, and joy, and growing into an embodiment of your values.


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Do you struggle to show up as the mother you want to be? If you begin your day holding a whole-hearted intention for peace that seems to dissolve with each day’s anxieties and triggers, then you are ripe for healing.

While the heart of healing dwells in the authentic connection we will share, I’ve also got the mind covered with a Master of Arts degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Alliant International University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Northern Arizona University, and an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology from Coconino Community College.

I have decades of experience working with thousands of families, pursue endless post-graduate training and self-study, and personally engage in the ongoing work of nurturing a peaceful home within myself, my relationships, and my community as a gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mother of three (with a mixed race, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse family).


If you want to get nerdy with me, my therapeutic theoretical orientation is an alchemy of Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Feminist Therapy, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), and Polyvagal Theory. 

What that means for you is that our work together will organically weave strands of consciously authoring the stories that give your experiences and identity meaning, mindfully making friends with your feelings while showing up in alignment with your values, centering a healthy connection with yourself and your people, reparenting your inner child, acknowledging and shifting oppressive systemic expectations, cultivating your strengths and flourishing, and creating a felt sense of safety within your nervous system into the tapestry of your well-being.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a social justice advocate on ancestral coast Salish land, I actively work to dismantle systems of oppression, such as white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, ableism, childism, trans hate, and anti-fatness, affirming intersecting identities and bodies, healing collective intergenerational trauma, and attending to issues of privilege and liberation within the therapeutic space.


Fifty minute sessions are provided for a fee of $200.

I am a private pay provider and do not bill insurance directly for treatment. I can provide a superbill to submit claims for reimbursement to your insurance as an out-of-network provider. 

A Good Faith Estimate of client costs is available upon scheduling or at your request.




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Imagine blossoming into the mother you needed as a child (the matriarch your inner child still craves) . . . she’s waiting for you. Request an appointment and your new season begins.

I appreciate that some therapists offer a free 15-minute consultation to allow both the therapist and the client an opportunity to discern goodness of fit. Unlike most therapists, I have created a broad and deep well of free resources for folks to enjoy—drinking from that well clarifies our alignment. Listen to the podcast and run a vibe check—you’ll know if I’m your people.

Do you offer a free consultation?

While living in a Star Trek inspired, post-capitalist society in which we have evolved beyond financial exchange for meeting needs sounds dreamy, we do in fact live in a world in which I need dollars to house myself. My rates have been set based on the value of my qualifications, experience, and skill along with the benefits my clients receive, but also on the cost of my ability to show up for you—everything from our HIPAA compliant, virtual meeting space to the food my body requires to function. Furthermore, valuing majority female professions and compensating emotional labor adequately are a vital act in making the world a better place.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be have not yet caught up to our modern global community and clinicians are limited to providing therapy services only within their state of licensure. However, coaching is available to families everywhere.

Can we do therapy if I don’t live in Washington state?

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am uniquely trained to contextualize individuals within relationships and systems. While women are almost always booking therapy (thank you, patriarchy, for your inequitable distribution of emotional labor), my practice holds space for individual women and/or any of their loved ones, including co-parents, romantic partners, grandparents, children, adolescents, or friends.

While working directly with young children will always hold a special place in my heart, I have found that meaningful enhancements to their well-being come through the relationships they share with their primary attachment figures. So while children are always welcome in the therapeutic space, we can best help them by pouring into our own healing and growth as their parents. 

Do you work with children, couples, and families or just individuals?

Coaching is non-clinical support available to families everywhere. Therapy is clinical support available to families in Washington state. In general, therapy tends to go deeper and coaching tends to be more practical.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

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