Clear your closet clutter, build the wardrobe of your dreams, fall in love with yourself, and get dressed each morning with ease.

This course, created for mamas who are ready to embrace meaningful self-care, will walk you through the mindful curation of a minimalist wardrobe that will honor your authentic identity and help you live a values-based life. 


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"My closet, and my mind, feel so much better!"

"I have so many great things to say about this minimalist wardrobe course. Whether you are new to minimalizing your closet or have been a minimalist for a while, Rachel includes really great advice and resources for a complete revamp. The insight she gives on the why, and the how, is priceless. I work from home and have kiddos that love the outdoors. The advice she gives about at-home loungewear was a really positive mind shift for me. This can be applied to your children's wardrobes as well, which I will be tackling next! Another great benefit to the class is that it is available in all formats of media so if you can't listen to the audio, you can read it. Rachel walks you through the entire process. My closet, and my mind, feel so much better!"

ashley olson

do you ever feel . . .

Lost standing in front of a packed closet saying, "I don't have anything to wear"?

Depressed at the reflection you see when you look in the mirror?

Overwhelmed by the contents of your closet and dresser?

Weighed down each morning while getting dressed?

Unclear on who you are as an individual woman after years devoting your body to the growth, nurturing, and care of little ones?

Me too.

I was right there with you, standing anxiously in front of a packed closet for far too many minutes of my life, only to feel frumpy and wrong in front of the mirror. Then one day when stepping into my closet after showering off the dust from digitizing and minimizing my family's paperwork, I had an epiphany about just how much my wardrobe was weighing me down . . . while wrapped in a towel and dripping a puddle on the floor. I wanted to lighten my load, like I had been doing with the rest of my belongings, but just donating and tossing quantity wasn't exactly it. 

So I dropped the towel (no peeking), threw on my husband's t-shirt, crashed on the bed with my laptop, and researched the shiz out of minimalist wardrobe approaches and style identity creation. After my months-long deep dive, I was able to see my wardrobe in a whole new light and work through a process that birthed this Minimalist Wardrobe course, which marries a uniform/capsule/minimalist wardrobe with the deeper identity work that creates profoundly positive change.




Create the 5 pillars that will clarify your needs.



Highlight your favorites, pool some inspiration, and create your own personal style guide.



Map out the specific pieces that will create your minimalist wardrobe.

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Intentionally give each item a home while designing a closet space that features your wardrobe and brings you joy.



Duplicate your favorites, add missing staples, set your everyday looks.



Shop your closet, let go of all that doesn't serve you, then edit for cohesion.








Maintain the system long-term with a seasonal refresh.



Extend the same process to your children's closets.

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clear your closet clutter

build the wardrobe of your dreams

fall in love with who you are today

get dressed each morning with ease

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44 lessons containing:








"align your wardrobe with the rest of your core values!"

"We all have a personal style, just like we all have unique personalities, but if you’re anything like me, it may have gotten buried under the needs of others, convenience, and an attempt to keep up with some of the current fads. I have a strong internal compass that points out where in my life I am not living with integrity, and my wardrobe was one of those places! The ease and comfort, fluidity, sense of adventure and focus on sustainability that I hold as values was not showing up in my shoes, clothes, and accessories the way I wanted it to. I wasn’t diving deep enough in my sporadic closet purges to make lasting change.

Enter this course! Going through the steps of Sage Wardrobe with Rachel’s gentle and kind, yet highly effective and motivating guidance, has allowed me to define my sense of style as a choice to ‘love my body out loud, for everyone to see’ (a Rachel nugget from the course) and begin creating a minimalist wardrobe that I now see as a radical act of self love, rather than another item on my to-do list. With questions like, “What activities bring you and your family joy?” And “What has your body told you it needs to thrive?” I felt right at home within the content of this course.

The multiple formats available for different learning styles allowed me to print hard copies of the write/type-in Goggle docs to record my answers and insights while listening to Rachel in my bedroom and going through my closet. If you have felt a tug to align your wardrobe with the rest of your core values - this is the course for you!"

marlee mccleary


kid's closet

Extend to your children all the benefits of a minimalist wardrobe that you will gain plus improved emotional regulation and independence!

I'm rachel

hey there

The gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor and founder of Sage Family. With a master’s degree in marital and family therapy, I have spent decades guiding thousands of overwhelmed families to peace and joy.

I developed the Minimalist Wardrobe course after applying minimalist values and principles to my own wardrobe transformed the start to my days, my relationship with my body, and my ability to live a life of intention.

Frequently Asked Questions

does this cover creating a minimalist wardrobe for my kids?

Yes! The program focuses on you (it's okay, you deserve some focus), then it walks you through extending everything you learned to your children's closets in collaboration. 

are your wardrobe suggestions eco-friendly?

Sustainability is a core part of the minimalist ethos and I do discuss ethical brands, second hand shopping, and the handmade clothing movement, but ultimately I show you "how" more than I tell you "what," meaning you can apply the process to any personal values and preferences. 

Is there a time limit to complete the class?

It is self-paced with lifetime access. This means that you can move through the lessons whenever works for you, at the pace that feels right you, and you can revisit the content whenever if feels helpful for you, for as long as the class is up and running.

DOES the minimalist wardrobe course EVER GO ON SALE?

Yes! The Minimalist Wardrobe course is 20% off the first week of November (just once a year).

do i have to buy a whole new wardrobe to do this course?

Absolutely not! This course is going to help you identify your needs, which will include defining some pieces that will better serve you and creating space for them, but it does not require the immediate purchase of anything, certainly not a brand new wardrobe. I do time the annual sale of this course so that it comes right before the holidays, as I like to request any pieces I need refreshed as gifts.

“I start my day feeling easily beautiful every single morning. what a gift!”

— you, next month