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What is Gentle Parenting?

What is Natural Homeschooling?

What is Simple Living?

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This is episode 54 and today I’m here with Bari Tessler talking about money healing.

Simple living, or minimalism, is a lifestyle of intention that invites us to hold only what supports a meaningful life and let go of the rest.

Your bathroom can be a sanctuary of self-care and self-love that supports nurturing morning and evening routines. The products therein can proactively meet your needs and enhance your well-being.

The character of Santa playfully embodies so much of the Christmas spirit and taps perfectly into a child’s developmental world of imagination. And yet, trust is at the core of gentle parenting, which means I do not lie to my children—ever.

Gentle Parenting is a parenting style that honors needs through the power of mindfulness, connection, and collaboration.

This is episode 53 and today I’m here with Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson talking about the self-driven child.

Working with the nature of our children, honoring the way the human brain has evolved to learn alongside their inherent way of being, while in connection with the natural world around us.

The gear you need for your family to get out adventuring in nature in the cold, wet weather.

This is episode 52 and today I’m here with Lenore Skenazy talking about free-range kids.

This is episode 51 and today I’m here with Kaleena Amuchastegui talking about taking the homeschool leap.

Children do not need a curriculum to learn to read. Truth. Some kids can benefit from the extra support that a reading curriculum like All About Reading can provide. Also true.

This is episode 50 and today I’m here with Jenny Taylor talking about Conscious Adulting.

This is episode 49 and today I’m here with Kim John Payne talking about Simplicity Parenting.

You can simplify your Facebook account to the point of being connected only with the few people and resources that are a value add for your life. You’re going to have to be liberal with the unlike button and brutal with the unfriending but I’ll virtually hold your hand through it. You’ll feel so relieved when the culling is through and you’re left with a space that actually feels nourishing.

Many natural-minded families opt for no TV while many others center it in the main living space. While I felt no judgment toward either approach, neither felt right for our family.

I sincerely believe that if every parent read through the gentle parenting books here, we could heal the world. So let’s do just that. 

So that’s my recipe for menstrual success: menstrual cup + period underwear + tracking app = Witchy Wonder Woman. My body feels healthier, my bank account is fuller, my life is simpler, and Mother Earth is singing me a song of gratitude. What is one shift that you will make toward a healthier, more economical, and more environmentally friendly period?

Dear Makeup, I’m sorry I ignored and villainized you. Let’s be the kind of friends who hang out a few times a year and have a blast. Sincerely, Rachel

Teens and toddlers both get a bad rap because they are seasons of development when control-based parenting fails (The nerve of those dastardly developing brains for having thoughts and feelings of their own!). But on the gentle parenting path, I have loved both! Teens are awesome! Your relationship will thrive through this season if you honor both the space and support that they show you they need. In this post, I mean literally.

Tweens are moving away from the toy sets and floor play of early childhood and into longer-term projects and table work, but they still thrive in a soft, simplified sanctuary. They are taking greater ownership of and spending more time in their space, while still relishing and resting in the love you infuse into the room.

This is episode 48 and today I’m here with Blake Boles talking about teens.