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So that’s my recipe for menstrual success: menstrual cup + period underwear + tracking app = Witchy Wonder Woman. My body feels healthier, my bank account is fuller, my life is simpler, and Mother Earth is singing me a song of gratitude. What is one shift that you will make toward a healthier, more economical, and more environmentally friendly period?

Dear Makeup, I’m sorry I ignored and villainized you. Let’s be the kind of friends who hang out a few times a year and have a blast. Sincerely, Rachel

Teens and toddlers both get a bad rap because they are seasons of development when control-based parenting fails (The nerve of those dastardly developing brains for having thoughts and feelings of their own!). But on the gentle parenting path, I have loved both! Teens are awesome! Your relationship will thrive through this season if you honor both the space and support that they show you they need. In this post, I mean literally.

Tweens are moving away from the toy sets and floor play of early childhood and into longer-term projects and table work, but they still thrive in a soft, simplified sanctuary. They are taking greater ownership of and spending more time in their space, while still relishing and resting in the love you infuse into the room.

This is episode 48 and today I’m here with Blake Boles talking about teens.

This is episode 47 and today I’m here with Kerry McDonald talking about unschooling.

Setting up a calm and restful sanctuary that supports your child’s needs is one of the most powerfully effective points of minimalism in a family. I cannot emphasize enough what a profound difference it makes for a child when they have a space where they feel soothed (protected from any powerlessness or chaos in the broader home environment) and competent (able to be successful in meeting their own needs).

I will get crushed if I try to carry the weight of the dying world. So I don’t. Instead I focus on what is within my control: my home, my behaviors, my choices. Once each month I can make a simple swap to reduce my family’s waste. And in so doing, I’m almost always also reducing our long-term expenses and improving our health. That’s a win-win-win. 

This is episode 46 and today I’m here with Claire Bidwell Smith talking about grief.

This is episode 45 and today I’m here with Diane Boden talking about sentimentality.

It’s bittersweet when our babies get bigger. But I have to admit, part of the “sweet” for me is in updating their wardrobes. As a minimalist family, it can be a fun opportunity to connect and collaborate together as we curate a simple closet that serves their personality and needs so well.

This is episode 44 and today I’m here with Desirae Endres talking about habits.

One of the most impactful points in that routine is the nourishing smoothie I make for my whole family. In addition to tasting delicious and being easy to make, it lays a nutritional foundation for me and my kids that sets my mind at ease for the rest of the day.

This is episode 43 and today I’m here with Shira Gill talking about organization.

These are the 12 acts of self-care that I have found helpful in making the hardest moments bearable.

This is episode 42 and today I’m here with Teacher Tom talking about playschool.

This is episode 41 and today I’m here with Deena Barselah talking about food.

Are you ready to embrace winter, get intentional with your holiday season, and be all about that hygge (the Danish season of cozy contentment)? Me too! Winter is one of my favorite seasons and I want to help you fall in love with it, so I’m giving you my top 10 tips for winning at winter.  

This is episode 40 and today I’m here with Roya Dedeaux talking about supporting our child’s interests.

This is episode 39 and today I’m here with Aubrey Hargis talking about Mompreneurship.

This is episode 38 and today I’m here with Rachelle Crawford talking about Simple Holidays.