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This is episode 83 and today I’m here with Casey Ehrlich talking about PDA.

This is episode 82 and today I’m here with Chris Balme talking about tweens.

This is episode 81 and today I’m here with Ash Brandin talking about video games.

This is episode 80 and today I’m here with Dr. Eli Lebowitz talking about Childhood Anxiety.

This is episode 79 and today I’m here with Mr. Chazz talking about Caring for Kids.

This is episode 78 and today I’m here with Amy Lang talking about Sexuality.

Today I’m here with Dr. Cassidy Freitas talking about Boundaries.

Today I’m here with Julie Bogart talking about Critical Thinking.

Today I’m here with Dr. Diana Hill talking about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Today I’m here with Miriam Kirmayer talking about Friendship.

Today I’m here with Seth Perler talking about Executive Function.

Today I’m here with Robyn Robertson talking about Unschooling Teens.

Today I’m here with Rachelle Crawford talking about Messy Minimalism.

Today I’m here with Matt Matheson talking about giving.

Today I’m here with Sarah Rosensweet talking about empathy.

I have three kids in a youth sailing program and spent the first year profoundly confused as I stumbled my way through the gear issue. Now that we’ve got our sea legs I wanted to share what gear my kids need, use, and/or have found helpful to save you the steep learning curve I navigated with the help of my favorite child Bay (who definitely did not type that).

Today I’m here with Erika Brown talking about real estate.

Today I’m here with Shelly Robinson talking about relationships with our family of origin.

This is episode 66 and today I’m here with Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson with a communication Q & A.

Surfing, hiking, tubing, off-roading, kayaking, snorkeling . . . Kauai proved a fabulous destination for some fun family adventure so I’m sharing our favorites here with you.

Today I’m here with Katy Bowman talking about the role of movement in growing wild.