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Real Estate with Erika Brown

Oct 19, 2021

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This is episode 68 and today I’m here with Erika Brown talking about real estate.

Erika Brown is a living example of how even though the world can easily write your sentence one way, it doesn’t have to end how society often finishes it. She’s the daughter of a man that grew up sharecropping in the rural south and a woman that grew up the second oldest of 7 children living in a two-room house in Louisiana. She’s a black girl that grew up south of Dallas, that got pregnant before getting married and had to get a job before getting a degree. She worked her way up in a corporate job for many years before leaving to pursue her own dreams in real estate. With God’s grace, hard work, and learning from the people that she aspired to be like, she turned a career as a real estate agent into a multi-million dollar real estate empire that provides jobs and empowers the community, while being a wife and unschooling her three boys! She provides online education to help others write a different sentence too.

Our Little Obsession

If this episode resonates with you, then you will find tremendous value in the Sage Money course, which brings all the values-based, family-integrated goodness that you enjoy here on the podcast into your personal finances.

Nam Rindani left a review saying, “It is rare to want to review something before you have gotten past the beginning, let alone finished it all. But, I am a business owning mom with a million responsibilities—which means if something doesn’t win over my attention and interest quickly, I have to move on from it so I can devote time to that which does hold value and matches my values. I am compelled to write this note even though I just started Sage Money because when it comes to money, most of us are run by emotion and stress. We don’t open bank accounts, we Add to Cart mindlessly, and bury our heads I the sand because of how we “feel.” Sage Money right off the bat has introduced peace and calm into my sense of finance. I feel like I can take a full breath knowing money wisdom and knowledge is about to come to me from a safe and loving mind; that I can exhale knowing that at the end of it all, my relationship with money won’t be a tangled mess but an intentional blend of practicality, wisdom, and an internal shift that will last. Reviews are usually written to rate and rank a product or service that has been used. This review is vouching for much more—this review is to share that the “doing” part doesn’t feel hard already—because Sage Money heals where it matters most—your insides. I am excited to finish. And that is a statement I never imagined saying about anything to do with money. That itself is worthy of a review and recommendation. You will not regret this step. I already don’t . . . and I am not even done!”

Thank you for receiving so well what I poured into this course Nam and for leaving such a wonderful review. If you want to join Nam and all of the other families who are changing their relationship with money to create the life they want to live, then go right here.


Money: Erika shares how her relationship with money is different than what she sees playing out for others in her community?

Real Estate: Erika walks us through how real estate has been a vehicle for income and wealth for her (We cover financing, BRRRR, Air BnB, rentals, etc.—all the things!).

Entrepreneurship: She gives her best tips for entrepreneurs.

Parenting: She discusses how she balances motherhood and business.

Unschooling: She talks about how unschooling is a part of this lifestyle for her family.


We answer the question of what to do with today’s seller’s market.

Dive Deeper

Disclosure: When I recommend a product that I believe will add value for you, it may contain an affiliate link, and when you click the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Sage Money

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