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The system that fosters independence through a collaborative and sensory approach to home care, self-care, and homeschooling.

soft structure for raising responsible free-spirits

Bucket System


It doesn't have to be so hard. And we can fall more in love with our children and ourselves along the way, genuinely accepting and valuing the meaningful contributions we all have to make.


One in which we see our children through a strength-based lens and lean into self-directed learning, embrace neurodiversity, and provide just enough executive functioning support for independence and responsibility to blossom. 

Welcome to a new way of living and learning with children.

“I’ve read enough to know that rewards, punishments, and coercive school-at-home are not for us, but what do we do instead?”

“I’ve worked so hard to embrace gentle parenting, but I’m not sure how to extend that into homeschooling.”

“I know I don’t want a rigid schedule, but we really need something to help us flow through our days more easily.”

“I hated how I had no power or control over my life growing up, and yet, I don’t know how to get things done without repeating the same mistakes with my own kids.”

Ever had the thought ...


Then bringing in the sensory piece of the bucket and clothespins scaffolded the tactile accountability my kids needed for their independence to blossom. For years now the Bucket System has provided the soft structure we have needed to raise responsible free spirits.

Hundreds of families have taken the Bucket System class and found it to be just what they’ve needed to unlock the ease of this lifestyle

But it's not just us.

We brought intention to the spending of our time and energy—in conscious collaboration as a family.

I said no to all the manipulative top-down power and control-based tactics (after years of research taught me that they do not foster the life-long qualities I hoped to foster in my children), but I didn’t know what to do instead. 

Then I began to extend the collaboration piece that worked so beautifully in my parenting into the rest of our family life: our homeschooling, our household, and our strengths and challenges.

Me too.


... for everyone to work together to maintain a clean home?

... for self-directed home education to flourish?

... to effectively support your children’s strengths and challenges?

Are you ready...

The Chapters

Bring the abstract into the physical world by creating the buckets together.

03. Create

Seasonally collaborate with your child around intentions.

02. Collaborate

Reflect on your story so you can edit it.

01. Awaken

Observe with nonjudgmental acceptance, get know yourselves and each other better, and adjust.

05. Learn

Establish just one boundary that you will hold with calm confidence.

04. Finish

"Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free" offers a natural learning path, for gentle parents who dream of living fully in joy and connection with their children while giving them all they need to be successful, with eight secrets to living a fulfilling unschooling life.

Sage Homeschooling:
Wild and Free


Plus a bonus!


"They read together, they practiced Aikido together, their rooms are tidy, the bathrooms are clean... My 10 year old whipped through math in a quarter of the time he normally spent crying about doing it... And my partner who was skeptical about the whole thing has been doing house love all day!"

My house has not been this peaceful and productive in ages. I could cry. Best money ever spent.

  • Work with your child instead of fighting against their nature.

  • Flow through your daily rhythm with ease.

  • Reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence.

  • Support your child's challenges and strengths.

  • Create more freedom for yourself and your children.

Start now and you’ll be asking for a name tag that says "winning"

The Benefits

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You'll get 37 lessons containing:

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- Stephanie

"... smiling & giggling as they plopped their pins into their buckets. While I know the novelty will wear off as I know this is only day 1, the course addresses this too , I have more confidence for a game plan & feel like we finally found the soft structure I’ve been pining for! The why behind the bucket system—collaboration as a family, and emphasis on trust, respect, boundaries, & autonomy is simply amazing! Being a family who has individuals with neurodivergence, including myself, the Bucket System meets so many needs. Excited to share it with others!"

I had children coming to me this morning begging to take their vitamins, teeth brushed, & beds made before 9am ...

- Meg

"My nine-year-old has already showered, attended to his project work, and cleaned the kitchen floor. This, and other miracles, brought to you by Rachel Rainbolt's seriously amazing Bucket System. All three kids sat down with me and discussed goals for the season, and we came up with clothespin tasks for each. Each task needs to be completed by dinner, in whichever order the child chooses, then they have free time. Only one limit! If you have kids, do check out the Bucket System. It's a game changer!"

If you have kids, do check out the Bucket System. It's a game changer!

Real results:

I work from an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my hilarious husband and three growing sailors in our fixer upper on the beach. I authentically live this healing work out loud raising my own neurodivergent family (inner child included) and draw on my decades of education and experience (I've done all the nerdy work so you don't have to) to guide a revolution of overwhelmed parents just like you to feeling at peace within yourself, consciously connected with your children, embraced by a supportive community, and enjoying a values-aligned life you love.

Gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, & simple living mentor

I'm Rachel Rainbolt

Hi friend,

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Easier days are calling

Let's do this

Yes! The Bucket System is 20% off the first week of August (just once a year).


Definitely not! A lot of families utilize the Bucket System for things like morning and evening routines, household chores, self-care, and life goals. 


It is self-paced with lifetime access. This means that you can move through the lessons whenever works for you, at the pace that feels right you, and you can revisit the content whenever if feels helpful for you, for as long as the class is up and running.

Is there a time limit to complete the class?

The Bucket System is ideal for ages four to forever. Any younger than 4 and the collaboration and independence might be beyond their developmental reach. The system works great for all ages beyond that, including teens and adults. 


No, no you cannot (and you will hurt yourself and your children trying). The Bucket System cannot be implemented by browsing the pictures and writing tasks you wish to assign on clothespins, which is the opposite of the Bucket System! (That's like stabbing someone and calling it surgery.) The most powerful work happens beneath the surface and I promise to walk you through every step of it in the class.

Can I implement the bucket system without taking the class?

Frequently asked questions

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