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Anxiety with Rachelle McCloud

Jun 23, 2019

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This is episode 33 and today I’m here with Rachelle McCloud talking about anxiety.

Rachelle McCloud, LCSW is a mental health therapist and emotional wellness coach. She has a private practice located in Salem, Oregon where she specializes in moving anxiety, depression and trauma disorders into remission. She integrates traditional mental health therapy with emotional acupressure interventions, EMDR, and Energy Medicine strategies to provide the transformations required for her clients to achieve optimal and holistic emotional wellness. She also facilitates 3 transformation focused coaching programs including: Inner World Overhaul which is a program that helps people restore their emotional wellness, Re-missioning Anxiety, Depression and Trauma Disorders which helps people put these disorders in remission, and Overcoming Emotional Eating a program that helps moms end the root causes of emotional eating. Rachelle has 5 always unschooled, amazing children and a super talented and adventurous husband.

Adventure of the Week

I share our adventure at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch.


Presentation: We explain what anxiety can look like in motherhood.

Science: We go over what’s actually happening in our brains and bodies when we experience anxiety.

Source: We share our perspectives on some common sources of anxiety for mothers living this counter cultural lifestyle.

Treatment: We cover how we can reduce anxiety.

Childhood Anxiety: We describe what anxiety can look like in children.

Childhood Treatment: We talk about how we can help our kids with anxiety.

Q & A

We answer the question, “Why is anxiety so tied to anger and can we unhook those?”

Dive Deeper

Disclosure: When I recommend a product that I believe will add value for you, it may contain an affiliate link. When you click the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

The Whole-Brain Child

Emotional Agility

Hey, Sigmund

Sage Parenting

Inner World Upgrade Breakthrough Call


Rich McCloud Music

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  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you for this podcast! I just discovered you a few weeks ago and have been doing a lot of listening. This was so interesting to me and helped me make some connections about my own childhood and the way it triggers me as a parent at times. I wanted to ask, do you have any recommendations for what to look for in a therapist, as far as a certain method or type of license?

    • You’re welcome Rachel! I’m so glad you’ve discovered the podcast and are enjoying listening. Yes, yes making those connections and growing in our awareness can unlock so much growth. Hmmmm, that’s a good question that doesn’t have a simple answer, which is why insurance companies allow you like 10 first sessions before you have to commit to a therapist. I read through the bios and websites of potential therapists and get a pretty quick sense of whether or not they’d be a good fit, so I recommend starting there and trusting your gut.

  2. Roisin Huang says:

    This was wonderful. Thank You.

  3. Gisele says:

    Great episode! What’s the children’s book on OCD Rachelle mentioned?

  4. Tara says:

    Thanks for a fantastic episode full of resources! I’d love to hear more from Rachel’s talented husband. Is there a link to his work? Thank you!

    • I keep trying to trick him back onto the podcast to do an episode with me but unlike when I got him on the intro, he now knows that people are actually listening and says no thank you. I’ll keep working on him!

  5. Sarah says:

    What is the song you played at the end of this episode? It’s beautiful!

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