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Nature with Nicolette Sowder

May 29, 2018

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Today I’m here with my friend Nicolette Sowder talking about nature.

Nicolette is a nature-connected educator and founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling. Her passion is to serve as companion and guide for those families, educators and care givers interested in nurturing and growing their relationship with nature. She is also the creator of The Kids Moon Club, a year-long lunar journey designed to guide and encourage families to sync up with moon time. Most days you can find her being led through her farm and forest by her two wildlings.

Adventure of the Week

This week I talk about our adventure at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center and how we stretched our adventure into the forest, clear to nightfall.


Wildschooling: What it is and what it looks like.

Benefits: We discuss the benefits to unstructured time in nature.

Fear: We talk about handling the fears we bring with us into nature.

Lifestyle Choices: We share our experiences of saying “no” to a lot of things so that we can say “yes” to a lifestyle integrated with nature.

Indoors: We share some tips for bringing nature into your home.


I posted in my Sage Parenting Tribe on Facebook that we were going to chat about nature and asked if they had any questions. Lots of mamas are worried about ticks so we share some steps we can take to help mitigate this risk.

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Dive Deeper

What is Wildschooling

Natural Trauma Recover

The Carpenter and the Gardener

A Thousand Rivers

Tick Report

Tick Encounter Resource Center

Get Started Storytelling in Nature

Creating a Sit Spot

Balanced and Barefoot

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Home Grown

Last Child in the Woods

The Continuum Concept

What the Robin Knows

The Natural Navigator

Coyote’s Guide

The Wildschooling Community

The Kids Moon Club

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