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Attachment with Eden Hyder

May 30, 2021

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This is episode 62 and today I’m here with Eden Hyder talking about attachment.

Eden Hyder is a Licensed Therapist and Founder of The Inside Out Collaborative that offers therapy, counseling and coaching services. She also hosts the Inside Out Podcast that covers topics about relationships, family dynamics and more!

Adventure of the Week

I share our experience at my kids’ first regatta.


Attachment Theory: We go over what attachment theory is.

Attachment Styles: We cover the different attachment styles.

Inner Child: We explain how we can bring our own childhood experiences into consciousness and parent our inner child.

Forming Secure Attachment: We share the recipe for nurturing a secure attachment with our little one right from the start.

Rupture/Repair: We discuss what can rupture attachment and how we can repair it.Parenting: We walk through what it looks like to center attachment beyond the early years and into childhood and adolescence. 

Dive Deeper

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Eden’s Website

Inside Out Collaborative

Inside Out Podcast

Eden on Instagram

Sage Family Podcast 53: Self-Driven Child with William Stixrud and Ned Johnson

Eden’s Book Recommendations:


The Attachment Theory Workbook

The Attachment Effect

Raising a Secure Child

Rachel’s Book Recommendations:

Hold On to Your Kids (My review can be read here)

The Attachment Parenting Book

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