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Peaceful Partnership with Avital

Sep 24, 2019

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This is episode 37 and today I’m here with Avital talking about Peaceful Partnership.

Founder of TheParentingJunkie.com, Avital is a mindful parenting coach and childhood designer whose mission is to help parents and caregivers who struggle with chaos, clutter and conflict to transform their experience with young children into one of presence, play and peace.

Trained in the Simplicity Parenting and Hand-in-Hand parenting disciplines, her work has been published in Huff Post, Motherly and is endorsed by the leaders in the Parenting space, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Laura Markham. Avital has a global and thriving community of tens of thousands of individuals through her courses, coaching and blog.

Adventure of the Week

This week I share our adventure snorkel sailing off the coast of Maui.


Baggage: We go over some stories that partners often get stuck in and give advice on how you can get out from under them.

Needs: We talk about why it’s important to clearly communicate our needs.

Control: We discuss what happens when partners are trying to control each other and then what happens when they shift the focus to controlling themselves.

Parenting Differences: We cover what do to when one parent is willfully resistant to peaceful parenting.

Peaceful Partnership: We explain how to extend all those peaceful parenting skills into the partnership relationship.

Dream Talks: We share a strategy for aligning priorities in the present by talking about future dreams.

Q & A

We answer the question, “What’s the best way to handle (inevitable) conflict with your partner?”

Dive Deeper

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The Parenting Junkie

Avital on Instagram

Peaceful Partnership Course

Imago Relationship Therapy

Esther Perel

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

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  1. Elyce says:

    I just had to let you know how much I loved this podcast!! I’ve listened to it twice now, but will go back for a third time with a little notepad for all my favourite nuggets of wisdom! So many a-ha moments for me! Thank you for all your work. It really is making a huge difference to many people’s lives. You are teaching me so much!

    • Showit User says:

      Thank you for that feedback Elyce! It is so rewarding to hear how helpful and impactful my hard work has been for you.

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