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This program, created for families who are brave enough to step off the mainstream path of mindless money management, will show you how to move beyond financial stress and into financial freedom, where your money can allow you to live a truly values-based life.

Simple personal finance to unlock the family life of your dreams.

Sage Money

We were drowning in student debt, living paycheck to paycheck, avoiding the topic of retirement, and feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about all of it.

Don’t get me wrong, we looked perfectly fine and our kids had a good life. We were normal.

But after stepping off the mainstream path in parenting and homeschooling, I started to wonder if there was another way to live too—a way to design a lifestyle of intention and meaning that was better than the “normal” that my intuition was telling me wasn’t natural or healthy.

And I noticed that I wasn’t alone in my stress. So many brilliant people around me were just as frustrated trying to break free but the old formula of “work harder” wasn’t working.

That was our net worth when we started this journey 5 years ago.



And as much as I like to think of myself as special, this approach to personal finance requires no special skills or abilities. I spent years studying all things personal finance to clear this path and now I’m inviting you in to walk it too.

We get to live the kind of life we always imagined for our family and a minimalist approach to money was the key to unlocking it.

We are debt free with fully-funded emergency and launching funds, a paid off house, and a 50% savings rate going to retirement and investments.

But what all that really means is that we feel free! We don’t lay awake at night worrying and we work and play however we want (hello travel!). It feels like our money works for us now. Our financial life is simple and efficient.

5 years later, we have a seven-figure net worth.



... to live free of the burden of financial stress?

... to actually smile when talking about money?

... to use money as a tool to meet your family's true needs?

Are you ready...

The Chapters

Better understand debt and map out a powerful payoff plan.

03. Debt Freedom

Assess your starting point by clarifying debts, assets, income, and expenses.

02. Net Worth

Reflect on your story so you can edit it.

01. Money Story

Learn how to invest for your future simply, safely, and wisely.

06. Investment Accounts

Create the right accounts for your family.

05. Bank Accounts

Align and automate your spending with your values.

04. Budget

Foster in your children a healthy relationship with money

08. Kinds + Money

Plan for the freedom of not having to work to live. confidence.

07. Financial Independence

Your assets and children very well might go to the state in the event of your death if you haven't created an estate plan. This bonus chapter gives you everything you need to know to ensure your loved ones are cared for after you're gone—made simple. Doing this work can bring a tremendous peace of mind for any loving parent.

(with legacy file checklist)

Estate Planning


Plus bonuses!

The class includes fully customizable Google Sheets that are preloaded with the formulas to do all the math for you! 

Google Templates



"This class has given me the knowledge to take the necessary steps to reach our family’s financial goals, which in turn will allow us to live a life that is more in line with our values. This I think is what makes this course so impactful. I feel so much more confident in my ability to choose the best path for my family and be less influenced by the sometimes strong cultural messages telling me what family life should look like. The class is also very comprehensive and not intimidating at all!"

Money was the main obstacle to becoming a homeschooling family ... not anymore!

  • Edit your money story

  • Know your numbers

  • Be free of debt

  • Spend consciously

  • Have the right accounts

  • Invest simply and wisely

  • Become financially independent

  • Raise money savvy kids

The Benefits

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You'll get 57 lessons containing:

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- Janne

"I'm LOVING. THIS. COURSE!!! Rachel has been a mentor and lifeline for my family for the past 4 years. And while I've come to expect only the best advice from her, I could not have imagined that the woman I've leaned on for solid parenting support would become my new go-to resource for financial literacy and wealth building. But I should have known better!

At 41, my partner and I are grateful to be healing the decades-old money baggage that's kept our family treading water for years. We are seeing with new eyes these days, and the road ahead looks and feels gloriously wide open. Thank you Rachel! You're my shero."

We are seeing with new eyes.

- Deena

"I just paid off my student loans!!! 🙌🙏🎉 I'm literally crying as I write this! What a weight lifted. And yes, that's huge. But what's way bigger, even, is the empowerment I feel in my financial future.

Since going through the course, my marriage is stronger. Business opportunities are showing up daily. I feel more ease in money conversations with our son. I feel more powerful and confident every area of life. It's my life and I am here to live it intentionally in every realm."

I feel more powerful and confident in every area of my life.

Real results:

I work from an island in the Pacific Northwest, where I live wild and free in connection with my hilarious husband and three growing sailors in our fixer upper on the beach. I authentically live this healing work out loud raising my own neurodivergent family (inner child included) and draw on my decades of education and experience (I've done all the nerdy work so you don't have to) to guide a revolution of overwhelmed parents just like you to feeling at peace within yourself, consciously connected with your children, embraced by a supportive community, and enjoying a values-aligned life you love.

Gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, & simple living mentor

I'm Rachel Rainbolt

Hi friend,

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Financial Freedom is calling

Let's do this

Yes! Sage Money is 20% off the first week of January (just once a year).


It is self-paced with lifetime access. This means that you can move through the lessons whenever works for you, at the pace that feels right you, and you can revisit the content whenever if feels helpful for you, for as long as the class is up and running.


I use our personal journey with money as an example throughout the class and share loads of our actual numbers. The only figures we do not include are income, as that would violate my husband's employer's non-disclosure agreement.


This class does center the US experience (since I use our family as an example) but is applicable and helpful for families around the world. There will be points (like US retirement contribution limits) that will not be the same for every country.

Is this class also good for families outside the US?

This program is different because it has been created specifically for families and includes both the deeper work that creates meaningful change and all the practical details to bring that work to life. It is also different in that it takes a values-based and minimalist approach to personal finance that aims for financial freedom.

How does this money program differ from others?

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