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This is episode 18 and today I’m here with my friend Tracy Gillett talking about judgment.

Today I’m here with my friend Melissa Lang Lytle talking about sleep.

Disclosure: When I recommend a product that I believe will add value for you, it may contain an affiliate link, and when you click the link to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. My husband and I have lived together in 10 places before this, our first […]

 Sleep Training: Sleep is not learned. There are a lot of sleep trainers out there who will begin by espousing the importance of sleep for your baby’s health and then explain that it is your responsibility to teach (force) them to sleep. Sleep is not a learned behavior. A learned behavior is something we are not […]

It is not uncommon to experience a dramatic reduction in sexual interest after having a baby. As you can imagine, if you did not anticipate this evolution in the lifespan of your marital relationship, it can lead to secondary problems such as feelings of guilt and abandonment. So let’s lay it all out on the table, look at all the factors at play in the sex life of a new mama, and reconstruct a sexual relationship that incorporates the new you and your new life.

Live your life. Allow them to sleep when they are tired. Voila.

If, after years of meeting your baby’s nighttime needs, you feel your child is ready to transition away from nighttime as mealtime, this gentle strategy can facilitate that transition in a way that is loving and comforting and does not rely on isolation or ignoring any of your baby’s cues.