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This is episode 18 and today I’m here with my friend Tracy Gillett talking about judgment.

Today I’m here with my friend Joy MacTavish talking about Breastfeeding on the natural path: on cue, at night, in public, and full term.

You’re on a natural parenting path and you want to extend that wholesome, nutritive start that breastfeeding has provided. You are choosing what goes into your bodies with great intention, serving organic gluten-, sugar-, and artificial dye-free veg grown in a field grazed by unicorns (who fertilize the soil with rainbows) that is harvested by […]

Ready to bust all those breastfeeding myths?

While discrimination against breastfeeding in public is completely without merit, there are a few ignorant arguments that have been repeated so often they warrant addressing. So let’s get a few things straight: 1. If you can expose your breasts in public, then can I expose my penis in public? Breasts are not sexual organs. Breasts are […]

The shockwave of pain that runs through your body is only matched by the paralyzing panic of frantically trying to remove this piranha from your nipple.

If, after years of meeting your baby’s nighttime needs, you feel your child is ready to transition away from nighttime as mealtime, this gentle strategy can facilitate that transition in a way that is loving and comforting and does not rely on isolation or ignoring any of your baby’s cues.