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get more and better sleep with your little one

"Another sleepless night spent counting the minutes on the clock - I think my body is breaking down and I'm losing my sanity."

"How do attachment parents ever sleep while co-sleeping and night nursing?"

"I'm failing at motherhood. If my toddler would just sleep . . . !"

"I refuse to baby train . . . but can you literally die from exhaustion and isolation?" 

Sleep is the #1 struggle in the first season of motherhood. For those of us committed to walking a gentle parenting path that respects our babies' natural needs, we can feel even more alone.

I know I did when my firstborn's late night escapades had me feeling trapped in a cycle of exhausting marathon nursing, messy spitting up, and loud crying. I paced desperately around the room with teary, bloodshot eyes, my mind adrift in a sea of "should's" and "should not's." The following day's casual yet loaded conversation starter, "Is he sleeping through the night?" would trigger a cascade of misinformed advice and referrals to pseudo experts with threats and promises from "Never allow the baby to fall asleep at the breast" to "Get Baby sleeping through the night in 3 days." The "secret," of course, always seemed to boil down to, "lay them in a crib to cry so they are trained to sleep like adults." 

Face palm.

After diving into the literature and research while studying for my advanced degrees and working intimately with hundreds of families through my work (plus 3 co-sleeping babes of my own), I discovered that those natural drives of early childhood are actually brilliant and essential for a little one to thrive. And if you stop fighting against them and shift everything around them, you find the path to quality (and quantity) sleep. There is a path to sleep that honors needs while fostering both connection and independence. That includes YOUR needs too. 

Now, our nights are harmonious, with a permeable balance of connection and independence that allows us all to thrive. Last night, after moving through a nourishing bedtime routine that ended in a story, I relaxed and enjoyed reading my own book while my little one cuddled close and then stretched into his own space and fell asleep peacefully. He is comforted by my presence and competent in meeting his own needs. 

“What if I could honor this little one’s needs and get more and better sleep? OMG – the radiant glory of us both waking up with peace. I could feel more like myself again and be a better mother!”





Addressing your expectations for your child and sleep is a critical first step, as your sleep baggage can sabotage your progress.




Next we will cover the "where" of sleep, creatively tailoring the specifics to your unique family's needs and your long-term goals, including safe sleep (reducing the risk of SIDS and your anxiety).




Then we will dive into creating a sleepscape that will foster both connection and independence, taking into account all of the senses.



After that, we design a full rhythm around your family's flow and joy that fully nourishes all of your little one's needs going into sleep.



Finally, we go over the plan for meeting your little one's awakenings in ways that allow for better sleep for everyone and I'll continue to support you as you implement and we adjust.



If needed (though not at all required), I can support you through a loving process of night weaning your toddler, providing a plan with specifics for your family to facilitate this transition without trauma.

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In other words, start now and you’ll be posting mama-baby selfies minus the zombie-style dark under-eye circles by the next month’s milestones.

In one month, through a sensory approach that incorporates Montessori and Attachment Parenting, you will:

better understand your child's needs
have a clear plan of action
take gradual and gentle steps
enjoy more and better sleep
enhance your connection with your child
be on a long-term path of sleep success
gain confidence as a mother 


you'll get

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1 month of coaching
4 weekly 45 minute video call sessions
a personalized guide
email support

You'll be coached through your sleep challenges from anywhere in the world, without ever leaving your home (showers not required). I will hold space for your struggles and guide you forward with a personalized plan, rooted in connection, that unfolds as an easy conversation with a trusted mentor, to support you as you shift

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"Liam has been sleeping through the night for 4 months now and I am a new person."

"If you are struggling with a toddler who still wakes up 6-8 times per night. If you are getting no sleep and are unable to function during your day at home or at work. If you have heard about methods like CIO and you cringe at the thought of distressing and damaging your child, I highly recommend hiring Rachel Rainbolt of Sage Family. Liam has been sleeping through the night for almost 4 months now. I am a new person. More rested, more productive, more sensitive. I feel amazing and I feel amazing knowing I helped my boy sleep through the night without harming him in any way.

We could not be more grateful to Rachel and I wanted to share this with my friends who are parents of small children."

francesca orlando:

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't believe that no one, NO ONE, was able to help us make our life with a baby sustainable. I died inside, so many times. And then we try online coaching (yes, people were eye rolling) and you save us, change our life entirely for the better. We are still quite shocked about how easy the process was at the end, to get to a sustainable level. But shell shocked that no one could help us before. You are a life savior, please never stop doing what you do."

mareike friemel:

"During our coaching sessions, Rachel provided me with the tools to not only solve our family's most urgent sleep challenges, but also to gracefully meet any issues that should arise as our babies grow and situations change. If you are a parent who needs more sleep, or the parent of a child who could benefit from improved sleep, Rachel can help you achieve practical results in a loving, connected way. What I believe truly sets her apart, however, is her ability to support caregivers through the process. I had anxieties, baggage, and confusion around my twins' sleep that was impacting my experience of motherhood. In Rachel, I felt seen and validated -- two feelings that are extremely hard to come by for a new mother. My comfort in being vulnerable with her, and her thoughtful responses, informed the ways in which we moved forward and enriched the experience. I am so thankful for Rachel's guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her."

nia jonesz:



"Your support has been beyond helpful, you've been life changing! Where I used to fear nap time and thought I couldn't have my toddler home full-time, nap time is now the easiest part of my day! It's amazing that we got to this point. I can't thank you enough!!!"

erin stetson:

"I truly cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. I really did not think this day would ever come (My toddler went from waking and nursing every hour to sleeping through the night!) and man does it feel good. Not only have you helped me get more sleep (and Quinn), but I truly feel more myself again. I don’t feel like a mindless zombie who has little patience and isn’t very kind most of the day. It really has helped my mood and attitude each day which in turn has helped my relationships with my kiddos. Peace seems to be returning to our home one small step at a time. I owe so much of that to you and your wisdom. Thank you for being such a great support and cheerleader through it all. Your words of affirmation truly helped this to work. You have a gift not only for being sleep guru but also just for connecting with people and really seeing them. For understanding the place they are coming from and working with them in a way that best fits their needs.  You have such a warm and loving spirit. You are very wise and talented at what you do."

heather campbell: