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Site Credit

Dec 1, 2015
Simplify Facebook

While Sage Family is a one-woman show, there have been a few creative geniuses who have helped make this site happen and this is where I get to highlight them.

Tonic Showit Template

Jeff and Jen of Tonic Site Shop sell beautifully designed templates on the Showit platform, which makes customizing and managing a website light years easier than it has ever been (10% off with discount code SAGEFAMILY).

This site is their Lillet Blanc template (warm, bohemian, minimalist—so me), but you really can’t go wrong with any of their options. They’re also remarkably personable and accessible, so if you need any help along the way, they’ll hold your hand through it.

If you came to this site and liked what you saw enough to stick around, then we have them to thank.

Moreno Collective SEO

Ryan of Moreno Collective (20% off with discount code SAGEFAMILY) is the brilliant BFF that you never knew you needed. Part technical coding SEO magician and part modern design whiz, he took my site to a level so far beyond what I was ever able to achieve on my own (and I’m a smart, creative entrepreneur who spent 12 years trying).

But I have to admit that my favorite part of our collaboration isn’t even the incredible outcome in the look, function, and visibility of my site, but the knowledge, understanding, and skill that he was able to teach me. He patiently met me right where I was at and elevated everything I have to offer my business moving forward for the long haul.

If you found me through google, we have him to thank.

Fiona Margo Photography

All of the beautiful photos on this site that perfectly capture the spirit of connection, joy, and freedom that I hold dear are courtesy of the incredible artistry of Fiona Margo Photography.

Her recipe seems to be: join the family as a calm presence while they adventure in nature, snap what seems like 10 pictures, deliver a bank of breathtaking images that you will treasure for all-time.

If you found your way here through the captivating, love-steeped image of the Sage Family podcast or the inspiring, freedom-steeped image of the Sage Homeschooling book, then we have her to thank.

Those are the 3 (not so) secret ingredients for my site but I share all the goods in this post with my 14 recurring lean business expenses.

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