Hold space for what truly adds value and let go of the rest

In Sage Home Coaching I take overwhelmed parents by the hand and offer another way—parents like you who hear the call of minimalism but have lost their way in the noise of stuff that no longer serves them. You'll be guided through a collaboration that will cultivate a peaceful, tidy, organized home that embraces the person you are today, helps your family to thrive, and supports a meaningful life you love.



"hands down the best money i have ever spent on our family!"

cassandra mitchell

ever had the thought . . .

I keep thinking all this stuff will make me happy when I'm (insert patriarchal value here) enough but I'm ready to accept myself, love my life, and be happy today. One quick question: How?

I am fully turned on by organization porn like The Home Edit on Netflix or Home Sort on IG, but when I open my drawer full of crap, I become overwhelmed and paralyzed.

All the sentimental stuff is too hard and triggering for me to go through, but I feel sick to my stomach thinking about leaving it all for my children to deal with one day.

I tried to purchase my way into the life I wanted, but, and you're not going to believe this, those ads lied, and I'm still me, but with less money and more shit. 

i can help . . .

Maybe my brain came with organized, minimalist wiring. Perhaps I was made this way in childhood, simplifying and making order in my environment when I had no control over the dysfunction and chaos of my upbringing. Possibly my way of being was exacerbated by decades spent studying and working with families, learning about and witnessing the powerful effect of the home environment on the behavior and emotional state of its occupants.

Whatever the source, this alchemy of coaching, tidying, and organizing is exactly what you need to gently guide you out of that stuck, cluttered place, overwhelmed by all the stuff that no longer serves you, and into a place of light, freedom, ease, and peace.

One category at a time, we will bring everything out into the light of day, where we can better understand each piece and the part of you it touched. We will map out your needs, shop your stash, and then let the rest go before organizing what truly serves you in a way that brings beauty and function to your home.

Is The Container Store one of my favorite places? Yes. Have I read every book on minimalism? You know I have. Is watching Magnolia Network and HGTV my favorite way to unwind? Absolutely. Do I have a masters degree in therapy, years of experience guiding people through hard things, and  a certificate from Marie Kondo verifying my tidying genius? Well, those might not be the exact words on the certificate, but basically yes. Will you laugh or cry during our work together? Likely both. But you'll be so grateful once you're on the other side. 




First, we'll curate a closet that celebrates who you are today and makes getting dressed each morning easy and joyful.



Then we'll curate a library that inspires learning.



Next we'll sort all the paper, relieving you of the piles that have ben haunting you and smartly storing the keepers.



Japanese for "miscellaneous," komono includes bathrooms, kitchen, and everything else from cords to cleaning supplies. 



Finally, with your tidying muscles toned, we enter the sentimental world of keepsakes with legacy in mind, from photos to artwork to baby clothes. 


be free of all that no longer serves you

soak in the peaceful beauty of a curated space

enjoy an organized home that functions to support your needs

simplify your home and life

align your lifestyle with your values





One 4-hour session of home coaching covering one category  

homework with one week of email support

personalized organizational materials list

five 4-hour sessions of home coaching covering all five categories  

homework with five weeks of email support

personalized organizational materials list

our previous coaching work continues to steer me like the north star

"I just wanted to let you know that our previous coaching work together continues to steer me like the north star when I find myself getting knocked off the path. This past week was an especially difficult one and, in the midst of struggle and deep emotional work, I thought to myself ‘what would Rachel say?’ I heard your voice as though you were sitting across from me, and I’m pretty sure my guess was close to how you would have responded in real life :) You inspire me so much to show up, do the work, be brave in the face of naysayers and boldly protect the values I hold so dear in nurturing my beautiful, messy family."

debbie fear



The Sage Family Village is the like-minded community you crave, complete with ongoing discussion and support and live monthly group coaching that feels like gathering around the central fire.

As a bonus you get your first month of membership in the Village FREE, beginning when your coaching month ends. 

I'm rachel

hey there

The gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living mentor and founder of Sage Family. While I am a hippy at heart, my Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy, decades of experience working with thousands of families, endless nerdy self-study, and personal journey as a mother of 3 assure that this is not woo. A tremendous body of research supports what your intuition is whispering in your ear and the practical steps I offer will get you there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

are these sessions virtual or in person?

Virtual Zoom sessions are available to bring Sage Home Coaching to families all around the world. In person sessions are available to families in the Gig Harbor area.

is this for individuals, couples, or families?

Each 4-hour session is focused on working with one individual, though sometimes a partner will join in the work for a communal space like the kitchen.

Will there be homework?

Yes, but it's good homework, I promise! You'll spend 4 hours under my gentle care and guidance, learning how to move through the category at hand and making tremendous progress, and then complete the category on your own. But each 4-hour session comes with 1 week of email support to see the category through to completion.

do you offer a payment plan?

We don't offer a payment plan but you can create one yourself by setting aside the monthly payment you can afford and booking coaching once you reach the full amount. If the investment is currently beyond your reach, I suggest joining the Sage Family Village, where you can get group support at a lower price point.

do you work with neurodiverse families?

Yes. My family is brimming with beautiful neurodiversities and a great many families who do coaching have at least one neurodivergent member.

life changing

"The experience I had with Rachel can only be described as life changing. She really is an oracle. Many of us are questioning the status quo and breaking legacy beliefs, illusional hierarchy and social norms. Rachel seemed to have navigated those rapids and rough currents and come up with beautiful and true answers that not only feel right but fill us with courage and inspiration. Thank you Rachel so much for showing up with so much gracious wisdom and leading the way for a much healthier and joyful way of parenting and living."

vanessa wilson